Friday, October 19, 2007

Stage 15: Indians Fever

Race day is almost here. Thanks for the support and encouragement. I have a pretty good idea why my hip and knees were bothering me and it had something to do with some extracurricular sports. I have been silent for several weeks as I have angonized over continuing to pursue a Boston qualifying time.

I have decided to toe the line and just run however I feel. If I crash and burn at mile 13 then so what. If I decide to start walking at mile 6 so what. And if I somehow manage a PR well, then...I don't know, I guess I'll be really really dumbfounded and I guess elated.

At the start of the year I had a Plan B to get to Boston. That was to run the Rocket City Marathon in December. Well Plan B is no longer in effect as I have to start thinking about Plan A for 2008. A few of you may already know this: shortly after 12 noon on September 10, 2007, I registered for another go around at Ironman Wisconsin. So I was not about to continue my 2007 season into December and get going with 2008 in January. My brain needs to get a little more time away from training. And whether you like it or not, another season of sporadic blogging is in store from yours truly.
So that's some old news and some new news. And in the exciting news, has anyone been watching the Cleveland Indians? Because of them I am going to sleep later than I should, ingesting more bar food than I should, and consuming more rally beers than I should. But WOW what a ride!!! It's Tribe Time Now!!!