Thursday, December 21, 2006

There's a lot of little things I want to get to tonight.

Beta Blogger:

First off Beta Blogger sucks donkey balls. I've still been reading other fine folks' blogs, but the ability to make comments has sucked. So I'll probably be a little sporadic with them.

Ankle Update:

I had another visit to my physical therapist last Friday. Things are progressing, slowly. The flexibility and stability are there in most directions. The strength is okay, but still a little imbalanced between the right and left legs. But the scar tissue is still there. I was assessed on the treadmill. I looked okay, but the running just did not feel right. There's some discomfort in places where discomfort should not be. We believe I may have stretched a few key ligaments in addition to my tendon strain. I may need to go back to the doctor for a more accurate diagnosis (read MRI) if things do not contiune to progress. So I'm still restricted from running. Ugh hopefully by mid January I'll be able to run. I've got to get ready to play in the big football game with my buddies on Super Bowl Sunday. (Hope my new tri team manager doesn't throw any clauses into my contract.)

Computer Names:

I received a few comments about my naming of my hard drives. Well this stems from my college days on campus. Thousands of computers were all networked together. So if my friend was in his lab on the quad, he could access my computer sitting in my dorm room and get a copy of our lab report. But it's hard to look for a computer named "03BE-F14C". Everyone had a name for their computer. Hence the tradition of naming my computer. I like traditions and so it has continued even to this day. And I think I have a name picked out for my next computer.

Speedplay Pedals:

Over the last few years I have been using Look CX7 pedals. They work well as I can make micro adjustments. I have heard Look is trying to switch over to the keo style cleats and away from the larger delta cleats. So I made the switch to Speedplays Zeros. I felt the increased degree of float would really help out the knees too. I purchased them with my new bike, but was not about to go 112 miles on brand new pedals. So I have been trying to them out on the trainer. And let me tell you I felt like I did when I first went clipless. If I was on the road, I would be on the ground at every stoplight. Also when I clip out I have to twist my foot outwards; that's not the best thing for a weak ankle. I got in my first long workout with the Speedplay pedals tonight and I've got some adjustments to make. 140 rpms is not fun, but even less fun when things are slightly out of alignment.


This Friday I finally return to my cardiologist. (It feels so weird to type that - "my cardiologist." I'm a thirty year old Ironman with a cardiologist. Wow.) Anyways, I just want a definitive resolution to any heart conidition I may or may not have. More so, I want to be able to run hard with no fear. Call me crazy but I miss Zone 5 workouts.

Up Next:

I had a chat with my coach about a week ago. I asked him flat out what he thought about this past season. He gave it B-/C+ range. Why? It wasn't performance. I performed well at IM WI, but because my training was cautious and restricted I never got the chance to really see what I could do.

So what is next? I saw one of my IM WI brothers tonight for the first time since September. We started talking a little about what's next. We both smirked when we flashed a big fat zero - as in absolutely nothing planned for 2007. He is restricted with work and family. I've got a lot of things to sort out as well. I know I can post a better IM time, but I know I'm not really made for Ironman. My coach believes I can do some serious damage in the Olympic and half-IM distances. I definitely have the speed for the OLY, but with the length of the swim between an OLY and a HIM so small, I could really make it up on the bike and run in a HIM. Honestly right now I really just want to run. And that's my resolution for the new year.


There will be some changes coming soon in my corner of blogland. Strap yourself in; it's going to be a fun ride.


Right now I don't have any deep Christmas thoughts that wouldn't sound cliche. So, give a listen to Cheech and Chong and click on the flash player above (if you haven't done so already).

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Thursday, December 14, 2006


I am just coming back from a stargazing session. The Geminids were expected to peak right about now. My little digital camera can't handle astronomy photography, but I did shoot the moon rising in the east. It was a decent show tonight. We were out for about an hour and saw about 30 shooting stars. It was pretty awesome. I would recommend watching a meteor shower at least once in your life.

Does stargazing have anything to do with triathlons or training? Well I guess if I really dug deep I could make some connection.

Trifrog posted this a little while ago. I haven't done many triathlon type workouts since, ohh, September. Mentally I'm not quite the same as I was in the summertime when I was hopped up on endorphins and my brain was focused 24/7 on Ironman. Sitting out in the middle of a field in December at 3 am with a few dozen whitetail deer and hundreds of points of light is far from the world of triathlon. It made me realize that I really don't want a life that consists of eating, sleeping, breathing triathlon year round. I pretty much went twelve straight months of preparing for Ironman. That's the longest span of training that I've gone without a break. And I think my brain lost interest in triathlons, at least a little bit. Heresy? Maybe. But I've never went by the book anyways. I posted a list of a few things I wanted to do after I finished Ironman. Well I've done a few of those things and I have a few that I still want to cross off that list.

So as some of you are waking up to hit the pool or go out for a quick jog, I'm about to head off to bed. I won't be dreaming of swimming, biking, or running. My brain wants to wander off into the starry night sky and I'm totally all right with that...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

RIP Achilles

Ugh, my Achilles is hosed.

He He. It's probably not what you think.

I don't have another physical ailment.

My laptop is named Achilles. Or was. Or well more accurately, Achilles was the name I dubbed the hard drive. And the hard drive is actually intact and capable of functioning. I believe somewhere on the motherboard something is physically shot and therefore rendering the whole computer comatose. I did some exploratory surgery but could not find the problem. I have deemed it a waste of money to have it professionally serviced. Although losing its usefulness a little earlier than hoped, Achilles has served me well for almost four years. It's spirit is in stasis and will be revived in the future. A new laptop was planned but not until around February/March. I will probably have to move that time frame up a bit.

So I dusted off my backup computer - an old Windows NT box named Kublai. And by old, I mean I assembled that thing in 1999; and the monitor is twelve years old. I even found a couple dust bunnies making their home inside the case. After finding some drivers and installing some other pieces of software and hardware, Kublai is set to roll again. He checks emails quite well, but the internet has morphed considerable since his heyday. I've got some blog reading to catch up on, but no more fancy schmancy video games; no more lightening fast internet browsing either.

I guess that means I need to get off my butt and train.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Foot Fetish

Thank you everyone for the the thoughts, concerns, and comments; they were very much appreciated.

I am on my way back.

I had another physical therapy appointment earlier this week. The ankle is stable and strong. Obviously there is some disparity between the strength of my left and right legs. I can visual see the difference in calf and quad girth. In addition, there is still a good deal of scar tissue around the joint. My ankle doesn't look like a cantaloupe anymore, but maybe a big red delicious.

What's next? I've got some new/old exercises (old in the sense that I've done many of the same things for previous injuries) and of course I need to build back my leg strength. I've been given free reign to pump iron with the legs. Yeah!!! Swimming and biking are allowed too. Double Yeah!!! No impact sports though, which includes running. Boo!!!

But I also have to get rid of that scar tissue. How? Massage it!!!

So if anyone out there has a thing for feet, I'll have some oils, maybe a few scented candles, some soft music, and a foot that needs a serious rub down.

And I'm not afraid of a little pain.