Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stage 12: DNF, DNS, DNT

Let's make this short and sour.

Something was not right in my hip and so my Saturday run was cut short. I basically shut it down after five miles, but I still had to stagger another 3 miles to the car. It's Thursday now, and still a little sore.

I can't imagine any realistic scenario where I run a sub 3:10 marathon in a little over three weeks. As I see it now I have three options:

DNF - Did not finish. Go out and race. Give it what I can and if I blow up, so be it. But will I pay the price and be hurting for months?

DNS - Did not start. Shut down the running now. Rest up. Come back when the body and mind are ready to go again.

DNT - Did not try. Run the marathon but force myself to dog it. Ugh not sure if I can have that mindset.

Anyone have anymore options?

I don't know what it is. The marathon gods must really hate me. This is my fifth attempt at a marathon and my fifth time getting hurt within spitting distance of race day.

It's gone from SUCK to BLOW!!!

And I'm out....

Monday: 2.5 mile run easy run
Tuesday: No workouts
Wednesday: 3 x 1 mile, 1 mile warm up 1 mile cool down
Thursday: No workouts
Friday: Sand Volleyball cross training
Saturday: 8 miles
Sunday: No workouts

Weekly Totals:

* Swim: 0 meters
* Bike: 0 miles
* Run: 15.5 miles

Preview of Stage 13: Decision time?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Stage 11: Taking Inventory

I really don't know what's going to happen on October 21st. I'm lacking in confidence right now. A lot of it is a total lack of structure in my running "plan." I feel as if I am cramming for a final exam. While that might have worked in school, I can't think it will translate well in marathoning.

I ran somewhere close to 20 miles on Sunday. I'm not sure how to rate my run. I had some good miles in the middle of the run. I ran low on fuel at one point. Tried to run through a "side stitch" at another point. Had a bear of a time finding a porta-potty. I must have hit a few wrong buttons on my watch because not many of the numbers made sense. So I have no real idea about pace or even time. So that adds up to more negatives than positives huh.

Okay so a quick inventory of things.

I have another 20 miler planned for a few weeks. Maybe I will bump up the mileage on the long weekend runs in between.

I seriously need to do some tempo work asap. I want to be able to tell what 6:50, 7:00, and 7:10 minute miles feel like.

Maybe I can squeeze in a 10 mile mid week tempo run.

Oh so much to do. So little time.

Monday: 5 mile run up tempo in the am/4 miles easy in the pm
Tuesday: No workouts
Wednesday: 4 mile run easy in the am/5 miles with hills in the pm
Thursday: No workouts
Friday: Volleyball cross training
Saturday: No workouts
Sunday: 20+ mile run

Weekly Totals:
  • Swim: 0 meters
  • Bike: 0 miles
  • Run: 38 miles

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stage 10: Calm Before the Storm

9/11. I know I'm a day late, but please let us not forget.

IM IW 07. Awesome job out there, athletes, volunteers, support crew. I'm sure it was an amazing day. I am inspired by all your reports.

This is going to be a quick post.

I decided to recover a bit. I remember the last time I was training for a marathon. Right about this time I tried to squeeze in as many training runs as I could and I ended up hurt. During my run on Friday, my legs just did not have it so I bagged the long weekend run and decided I would just gear up for four big weeks. This is what I hope to do the next six weekends:

Easy 20 miler
Solid 12-15, possibly after a ride
Race 20k
20 miler
10 miler

Recap of Stage 10:

Tuesday: No workout
Wednesday: 5.5 miles easy on the track
Thursday: No workout
Friday: 6.5 mile run
Saturday: No workout
Sunday: No workout

Weekly Totals:
  • Swim: 0 meters
  • Bike: 0 miles
  • Run: 12 miles

Preview of Stage 11: Let's get it on. Four big weeks till marathon taper. I can do this.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Stage 8 & 9: Conditioning

Just got back from the SF Bay area and a little R&R. August was a tough month at work and that break was absolutely necessary. So let's recap the workouts from the last two weeks.

Stage 8:

Monday: No workout
Tuesday: 6.5 mile run
Wednesday: 6.5 miles on the track
Thursday: No workout
Friday: No workout
Saturday: 2:45 trail run - 16ish miles
Sunday: 20 minutes on the bike trainer

Weekly Totals:
  • Swim: 0 meters
  • Bike: 6 miles
  • Run: 29 miles
Stage 9:

Monday: 45 minutes on the bike trainer
Tuesday: 45 minute Zone 3 run - 6ish miles
Wednesday: No workout
Thursday: 2 mile easy run
Friday: No workout
Saturday: 8 mile trail/hill run
Sunday: No workout
Monday: 3 hour run trail -18ish miles

Weekly Totals:
  • Swim: 0 meters
  • Bike: 15 miles
  • Run: 34 miles
So there's a lot of things that are keeping the hamsters running in my brain. (By the way, anyone remember the show Herman's Head? Back then I didn't think it was half bad.)

1.) Gawd has it been hot out there. After my last track workout, I took my socks off and wrung them out. While in California, I wanted to run a little more, but when the mercury hits triple digits, you have to respect that heat. I was staying in San Ramon, but one day I went out to Berkley. There must have been a 30 degree difference in temperature. Now I normally don't care too much about the weather - I actually like running in the heat, but I know on my marathon race day in October, I won't have heat. Chances are better for snow and I wish I could train and acclimate to that.

2.) I have thrown out my training plan and now I am pretty much winging it. Call my a heretic, call me nuts. Once again I am off marching to my own drum beat. I'm sort of okay with that. I will admit this improv training is a little nervous, but I need to trust myself.

3.) By the way I have recently turned off my watch. At my last track workout, I was running my quarter splits too fast and got my panties all bunched up. I ended up having a terrible and unproductive workout. So all my runs since, I have not cared about my pace, my distance, and to some degree my time. Yes I will turn the clock back on, but I needed to get a grip.

4.) My legs are in good shape, primarily from a lot of biking. But the rest of the body has not yet been conditioned to running long distances fast. I believe I have the ability to hit my mark, but if I don't it won't be because my legs aren't strong enough. As a matter of fact, I think my brain has been slowing me down. The last two weekends I have bumped up my long runs quite a bit. I've gone from 15 miles a week to 15 miles in one run. And all the little discomfort and fatigue that are associated with running long are sending too many signals to my brain. I need to condition the entire body and the mind. Seems like I do a lot of rewiring upstairs. Sigh... if only I could just flip my brain off for a little while and just run hard.

5.) IM WI 2007 will be here soon. This race obviously has some significance to me. I wish I could be there in person. Next Monday will be interesting. I hope I can break away from work to register online. Part of me is hoping I don't get in. That part of me is worried about the right heart rate zones, about miles per hour, about my run pace, about how many gels to eat, about being anal with the training again. That part doesn't care about the chills of anticipation in the water, about the uneasiness of flying down Garfoot Road, or the euphoria of seeing the golden statue on top of the capitol building. What to do.

So to all the IM WI racers out there (way too many to list here, but they know who they are)
Kick Ass!!!

Stage 10 preview: For this week's workouts, do I gear up for a 20 miler or recover? What about both?