Wednesday, March 21, 2007

As I mentioned last time, things around here are changing. I wish I could devote some time to producing quality posts here, but quite frankly right now I ought to write what I can when I can. So guess what I have for you tonight? Recent workouts!!! That's right!!! I'm slowly getting back in shape.

Saturday indoor cycling:

10 minute warmup
12 minute high cadence 120, 125, 130...160, 130, 125, 120 rpms; 39/23.
14 minute lactate ladder 50 secs off-10 on, 45 sec off-15 secs on...0 secs off-60 secs on, 5 secs off-55 secs on, 10 secs off-50 secs on, 15 sec off-45 secs on; Off = 100 rpms, On =120 rpms; 53/19
20 minute time trial - high Zone 3 to zone 4 effort; 100 rpms, big ring
12 minute seated climb, zone 3 effort 85-90 rpms; 53/19
With climbing block, 3 minute thresholds: 1 minute 100 rpms, 53/18, 1 minute 100 rpms, 53/17, 1 minute 100+ rpms, 53/16, 5 minute recovery - Repeat this set 5 times
5 minute cool down.

I may be out of shape and carrying some extra weight in the wrong places, but I got through that workout all right.

This was a swim clinic with a local tri coach with some racers from my tri team. I swam more at this clinic than I had since the Super Bowl. Yes it was my first time in the pool in, oh, six weeks? Angela used to be on deck for some swims that I went to four years ago. It was quite a boost to hear her say how much my stroke has improved since those days.

Sunday night, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:
I got my forty hour work week in with two days to spare. Oh wait, I still have to go in to work tomorrow? Ugh.

I left work around 18:30 and then I found a 1.054 mile path around some OSU ball fields on my way home. These numbers are hot of the presses, er, wristwatch.


These are quarter mile intervals. The 1:00 minutes represent the approximate time I took to cover 0.054 miles as a slight recovery. The last four splits were cool downs.

All right the last thing I'm going to do tonight is jot down my possible schedule for the season. I figure if I make my schedule semi public, then someone will hold me to it.

April 15 - Hinckley Buzzard du or bi
April 28 - Hudson Relays
April 29 - Presque Isle Time Trial??
May 6 - Flying Pig half marathon pacer??
June 10 - Wendy's International Sprint Tri
July - WIBA part deux??
August 5 - Huntington Sprint Tri
August 12 - Greater Cleveland Tri
September 16 - Portage Lakes Tri
September 22 - 200 mile challenge
October - Columbus Marathon
December - Huntsville Marathon

I've left off the random 5k runs and road races, crits, and TTs. Oddly enough only two races are local. That may change. Okay you've seen the list what else do I need?

All right time for bed.


Mike said...

Al- solid quarters in that workout...dipping into the 1:30's at the end is solid!
Lengthy race schedule you have lined up there for 07- makes me tired looking at it! ;-)

Steve S. said...

Where's the right place to be carrying extra weight?!?

(oh a guy, I just answered that question. never mind.)

Rachel said...

Sounds like you're getting revved up. Good for you. Sunday's swim sounds like fun; swimming with a coach is always the most productive. But indoor cycling on a Saturday? Isn't that a crime or something?

DaisyDuc said...

Sounds like the training is coming around. Guess I will see ya out at Hinckley!!

bob said...

Alan, I know I've said this before, but you have to check out today's Frazz. Rock climbing books on the top shelf! I've reached the point where I check your blog every day in order to follow the link to Frazz.

Kewl Nitrox said...

Good to see you are just about back in full training stride.

That looks like a race calendar to be proud of.

We are still doing the 2008 70.3 in Singapore right?

Fe-lady said...

Wow- you have a busy season! There is always something going on in Ohio and around that part of the country!
Best of luck with your training and racing for 2007 and what ARE you going to do without a Stoddards close by???

Pharmie said...

looks like a downright busy schedule lined up! WIBA 2 would be even more fun if you joined us!