Tuesday, September 02, 2008


So it's here....Ironman Week....

As I followed my fellow triathletes at IMKY, I started to wonder what my day at IMWI2008 would be like.

My journey to IMWI this time around has been vastly different. And my apologizes to all of you, mostly undocumented on this blog.

Well to recap my training for the last year....

September 2007: Half hearted training for an October marathon.
October 2007: Half hearted effort at the marathon.
Novemeber 2007: Work...ugh
December 2007: Work...ugh
January 2008: Start thinking about training for Ironman
February 2008: Still thinking about training for Ironman
March 2008: Start training for Ironman
April 2008: Crap I have a little du to do already.
May 2008: Ummm....maybe I need to get some training volume.
June 2008: Dang that sprint tri sucked....but hey WIBA was AWESOME!!!
July 2008: What I'm doing a half ironman? In Wisconsin?
August 2008: Where's the volume?
September 2008: Argghhhh....race day is almost here.

So that's how I got to here and now.

Many thoughts have gone through my head...I wish I had another month to train...my bike fit just isn't working for me...I feel slower than 2006...I hope the weather will be all right...when do I need to go back to work...all these little things to worry about...

But having been there/done that, I feel a certain serenity. It feels as if I see a light at the end of a tunnel and my burden will soon be lifted.

I read this today:


When I left IM WI 2006, I felt unsettled...I felt as if there was some unfinished business...Now I know that Ironman will always be a part of me, but as I head home from work and pack...CRAP I'M LEAVING TOMORROW!!!...now it is time to move on with my life....

And Life IS Good...


TriSaraTops said...

GO GET 'EM, buddy!

I'll be rooting for you all day...and picture a post it note from me in your bento box on the terrace, K?


You'll have a great day...have FUN!

Steve Stenzel said...


Rosanna said...

You'll do GREAT!!! I hope you have fun out there!!! I'll be waiting for you at the finish line! ;) Love you! <3

Your Secret Admirer!

Rural Girl said...

Best of luck! It is cool that at this point what will be, will be.
Go get 'em!

JenC said...

Good luck Alan and have a fabulous time up there. Hopefully the weather will be better than IMKY and IMWI 2006! Keep my fingers crossed for you.