Thursday, January 24, 2008


I think I'm afraid of the water.

I purchased a pass with twenty five punches to swim at a pretty darn nice facility. I bought the pass in October and I've got two punches. Ugh. I've got to find some way to just jump in.

Wait, maybe, I know what the problem is right now:


I have yet to establish a routine and that is a bit unnerving. So I guess that's my new Ironman resolution for now:

I want to be consistent, at least until September. I think I can do that.






Monday, January 14, 2008


What's the best way to start off a new year and a new season of training? How about come back from half way around the world with some serious jetlag. Then you top that off with a migraine that decides to shut your body down for days. Sad thing is: I slept for three days, I didn't eat for three days, and I still didn't lose any weight. Sigh...So my Week 1 turned into Week -2.


I am back working with my coach from 2006. If you thought what I did in 2006 was, well different, that's because it was. Maybe things will look a little more "traditional" but knowing myself, don't bet on it.

This week is now Week 1. The results are mixed. The engine feels good, but my weekly routine... well I have no routine yet. And that worries me just enough to make me uneasy. As it is still January, there is no need to panic. So tonight after happy hour....yes after happy hour, I hope to dip my feet in the water for the first time since, ehhh, July?

Hope I remember how to swim...

Friday, January 04, 2008

On My Way Back

As I look back on 2007, my life was filled with changes. My training took a back seat to the everything else. The result was a lackluster and unfulfilled season. But remembering there is more to life than triathlons is a lesson I should learn sooner rather than later.

I might have lost all of you dedicated blog readers due to a long period of inactivity. There's not a lot of flair here, but hopefully I will win you all back.

I am making another attempt at Ironman. I could certainly use the support and camaraderie you gave two years ago. Things will, or rather are different now and the path I take to Madison will certainly be different from the last time.

Right now I am undertrained. Maybe even frustrated and lacking in motivation from my 2007 season. I may not even make it to the Lake Monona in September.

But I promise it will be a ride. Strap yourself in. I'm on my way...