Friday, August 24, 2007

Stage 7: A New Hope?

First great job to to IM UK folks, like Charlie. Those of you at IM KY or IM Canada, like Mike, kick some butt!

Let me state this now: I do have a passion for my job and my career that I knowingly chose. But I am still adjusting to this new busier, stressful lifestyle of mine. It really has left me with a little less brain power at night, so my blog posts are lacking my creativity. Sorry about that folks. But I do want to continue to be held somewhat accountable for my training and will continue to throw up some ramblings here. This disclaimer is being written because a few days ago while I was watching Star Wars: Episode IV, (yes you read that correctly, I was on the trainer) I had some ideas for a Star-Wars-opening-credits-esque post. But it's Friday morning and I haven't come up with enough material.

So anyway, what did I do last week in terms of my training? Well maybe I am back on track and maybe there is still some hope for me.

Monday: No workouts
Tuesday: No workouts
Wednesday: Run 5 miles - 3 miles of hill intervals
Thursday: Bike 42 miles mostly flat with a good wind. Our group still averaged around 20mph for the entire ride.
Friday: 1.5 mile open water swim
Saturday: 13 mile run. Pace for the first 6 miles were too fast. Ran most of the rest about 30 seconds slower at a more comfortable pace.
Sunday: 30 minute easy trainer ride.

Well I've really followed my marathon plan to a T. HA HA. I'm not even sure I've done any of the recommended workouts on any given day. So here's what I am planning on doing from here on out.

I've basically got about 8 weeks or so. First let's pretty much scrap the speed work. Let's focus on volume and more importantly pace. The weekly run volume will come up, and I'll build up to maybe two or three 20 milers or three hour runs soon. I am going to try to get runs in four times a week. I also want to drill the 7:00 minute pace into my legs, my brain, my lungs. I want that the be almost second nature. My run schedule has changed so that I can have some company on my runs. Thus no more TUE/THU runs. Let's try to run MON/WED/SAT and another day.

So I am still hopeful I can have a successful marathon in October, but it's going to take a lot of focus these next few weeks.

And now, the kicker: I can barely manage training for a marathon and I am strenuously considering IM WI 2008. I have been thinking the last week or so that maybe it is possible to do IM without obscene amounts of volume. Am I out of my mind? It's probably not as far-fetched as I think. I've already got a base, right? Anyone want to join me? Or rather, does anyone want to go to Madison to sign me up? Pretty Please?

Weekly Totals:
  • Swim: 1.5 miles
  • Bike: 50 miles
  • Run: 18 miles

Preview of Stage 8: Back on track?


Bob said...

Still love that Frazz. FYI, it looks like Jeff Mallett is swimming to Macinac on Labor Day weekend. Will you be seeing him there?

Papa Louie said...

I haven't crossed the bridge of ironman training so sorry I won't be able to make it to WI with you in 08. But have fun anyway.

Cliff Tam said...

I write off IM 08 for me so i can use my money to pay of debts and what not.

My question is the opposite of yours...can i train like an IM volume without an IM in the season?

Lana said...

Go for it! If I was going to Madison, I'd sign you up, but I'm not. I am going to PC Beach in Nov to volunteer for IMFL, and sign myself up for IMFL '08 though - I can sign you up for that one!

Charlie said...

Looks like you should be in person for registration.

Loovul is still open.

Good luck.

Mike said...

Al- thanks for the shout out! tough day at the office fo sho! ;-)

IM WI eh? Don't do it know this ironman crap is waaay overrated.

Aaah hell, who am I kidding...JES DOOOO EEET!!

Rachel said...

IM WI '08. Awesome. I think I'm in for that one in '09.