Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Here's my Haiku of the day:

Triathlete I am
Peroneal tendon strain
Void is hard to fill

It's been three weeks since my last post and five weeks since I sprained my ankle. I have been on the shelf ever since; this is one tenacious injury. I have had some discomfort around my ankle joint, and have had some soreness in my calf and the top of my foot too - the anchor points of the peroneal tendons. There is still some swelling and scar tissue, but at least it's not blue anymore. I have been to the physical therapists so often over the years, that they'll probably dedicate a new exam table in my name or something. Anyways, I have been doing some basic flexibility, balance and coordination, and some strengthening exercises. No running and no weight lifting for a few more weeks.

So with no training, no race goals, and basically a whole lot of nothing, I have not been able to overcome the high activation energy necessary to produce something to post about. I won't lie; it's been tough watching and hearing folks toe the line at a local race or anticipating their next big race in 2007, all the while being uncertain of my own future.

But slowly, I am on the road back. I am happy to report my first workout since September. This past Saturday before the epic Ohio State/Michigan football game, I pulled the bike shorts out of the drawer and went outside for a ride. The last time I was out the trees still had their full compliment of green leaves, but this time the landscape was drab and gray.

I took this picture about five years ago. I don't know why I have this shot in my bathroom, but I spied it again tonight. I could write a few cliche lines about how I am traveling down a path that I have traveled before. Or maybe how seasons change and how it applies to my situation.


The stark reality is that I need to train. I need to be active. That is central to my being. And in its absence things are not quite the same. That realization will not immediately restore order to my universe, but it cetrainly helps to hold things together in the interim.

I am an athlete.


trifrog said...

I know the feeling, but my knee and heel has not prevented me weightlifting nor yoga, so at least I have something. Is the pool allowed yet? Hang in there!

Use the time to read-up on any training articles or volumes you've been wanting to check out.

Cliff said...

Hmm too true. I need to get that engine back on again.

Ellie said...

What a beautiful photo. I love it.

Someone I knew did crunches while waiting for a broken foot to heal... hundreds a day.

Sounds like it was a hell of a sprain. Ouch. Sprained ankles, I'm phobic.

Anonymous said...

Aww...man, I feel awful for you. I am not a good patient either. I want to decide when I will/will not work out - not have it dictated to me. You could try the crunches - or crunchy Cheetos?

Never fear though - you'll be back.

TriSaraTops said...

Bummer. Major. Wish there was somethin' I could do to speed things up.

Hang in there...

RunBubbaRun said...

I soo know how you feel, not wanting to work out and being told you can't is so different. Without my workouts I feel so lost sometimes.. Hang in there, I know you will be back. At least we can still munch on doughnuts while we wait. Plus a cannoli.

Sara said...

Slowly but surely -- you'll get back there. Sending healthy thoughts your way!!! :)

Jodi said...

I'd go nuts injured. The lifeguards would get very sick of seeing me at the pool! I'll be throwing get well soon vibes your way!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, resting from injury is really hard to do. Will double the prayer support - helps to have a clear view of the injury area now. :)

Rachel said...

You are definitely an athlete. I'm glad your ankle is feeling better. Sounds like you enjoyed a nice bike ride. Doing something active every day is so important. Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

What about hitting the pool? And there is the trainer, and Pilates/Yoga workout DVD's. Hopefully, your ankle is feeling better and you can get back to some type training schedule.

Mike said...

Love the last paragraph of your thread- i can relate!

Bummer on the injury- hope that turns around for you real quick. I know that would drive me nuts!

Lana said...

Oh - I know that feeling. I have it on a much smaller scale everytime I miss a workout or take an extra rest day. I can't imagine how you feel having been out so long. Congrats on getting back out there...you'll be back to good in no time!