Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ferrah Felt

Here's a story of a lovely lady named: Ferrah Felt.

Here was a story of her conception. She is one of a kind. She was not spotted in a store. No one said: "That's the one." Or even: "LBS guy, order this for me." She did not exist before someone started messing around, looking for components. And then like a Weird Science experiment, she came to be. For the truly geeky, keep reading and you'll evenutally hit a component list.

What about the name? This bike came about specifically for IM WI. Someone did not have the confidence that another ride would be able to withstand the rigors of a 112 mile race up and down the hills around Madison. So although she is loaded with carbon, her name had to tie into Ironman.

At the time of conception, the name was to be Ferros. Why Ferros? The chemical symbol for iron is Fe, which is derived from the Latin word Ferrum. Ferrous refers to an iron ion. In addition, Ferros also sounds like a recent Ironman winner. So Ferros ties in to Ironman not once, but twice. Nice.

But Ferros just sounded too masculine. It also sounds like the name of this guy:

After she was born, the name Ferros just did not fully exude her sexiness. So she went unnamed for a while. Then the eureka moment came. The inspiration: Charlie's Angels.

Not these three,

but the original trio.

Which included perhaps the most famous Farrah.

Then change an "a" to an "e" to stick with the Fe motif, and voila: Ferrah. It was also a coincidence that the bike was a Felt, which fits nicely with Ferrah. Good Morning, Angels!

And for the truly geeky:

Frame: Felt F1C
Fork: Ritchey Carbon Pro
Crank: Campy Chorus Carbon Fiber Crank 53/39.
Shifters: Campy Chorus Carbon Ergopower shifters.
Derailers, Brakes, and Chain: Campy Chorus group
Cassette: Wheels Manufacturing, Inc. Campy to Shimano cassette 11/23
Stem: Ritchey Pro Stem
Handlebar: Richey WCS
Seatpost: Ritchey Carbon Pro Seatpost
Saddle: Specialized Toupe
Pedals: Look Cx7 (to be replaced by Speedplay Zero Ti)
Aero bars: Profile Design T2+
Wheels: Bontrager Race X Lite
Tires: Vittoria Corsa EVO CX
Wheels: Bontrager Race X Lite Carbon Aero
Tires: Tufo CS3
Computer: Cateye Astrale 8

Is that the end of the story? Not at all. Remember the name:

Ferrah Felt


triteacher said...

Congratulations on your new ride and - you are truly a tri-geek. Love it! I still haven't convinced myself to ditch my Burley for a new tri bike. I'll watch your race times next year and see if I should upgrade. ;)

Flatman said...

sweet, sweet ride, man. she is a hottie for sure.

all that carbon makes my stomach go all queazy...

RunBubbaRun said...

That carbon Campy is way sweet. A high end speed machine which needs to be tested out again at another IM. Super Nice setup, the TI pedals are the best.

Habeela said...

It's all in the name!

BuckeyeRunner said...

As pretty as the original! Nice ride! I have to tell my husband to take a look at this post, he will be drooling over your Ms. Felt.

Running the James Dominic 5K this weekend - i think TriSara will be there too!

Samantha B said...

She's very pretty! Loved the E True Hollywood story behind her too!

By the way, I plan to answer the question you posted earlier! Got to figure out blogger first, THEN perhaps blog and think at the same time!

Congrats again!

TriSaraTops said...

Ferrah is HAWT!

BTW, people used to stop my mom on the street and ask her if she was the Angel on the right...what the heck is her name, I totally forget...Gotta love the 70s!

qcmier said...

Hey TST, that's cool that people though your mom was Lucy Liu, err, Kate Jackson.

dp (snobby road rider) said...

I have the F1C with a Shimano setup. What a wonderful bike! It's a shame you had to desecrate yours with TT bars.


qcmier said...

Ahh, yes, dp, she is much better without the TT bars, but those will be there for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Ekk. Bike porn. Disgusting.

Lloyd said...

ooh, Ferrah...


fun post. enjoy the ride.

Mike said...

Dude...Weird Science, Ferris Beuller, The Angels v1....aren't you too young for those old school references!? ;-)

Anyways, very sweet bike..nice to get all the detail. I love the Ritchey stuff myself..very light and bombproof!

Kewl Nitrox said...

Very sweet ride. I'm with mike, you are far too young for all those 1970s references. :)

That looks like a really minimalist saddle. Is it comfortable?

Fe-lady said...

VERRRY nice! And I like the "fe" reference- hence "my" chosen triathlon name...but I odn't ever want to be called "Farrah"- I grew up with that poster (in guy's bedrooms) and hate it! Plus she grew up to be one not-so-attractive older lady! (My opinion!)
But I do like your bike and the fact that you have Campy parts! How does she handle? Have you gotten to take her out on that first date yet!?

Rachel said...

I love it! Felt rocks.

Anonymous said...


xt4 said...

Are you kidding me? In a single post you have referenced excellent 80's flicks, hot chicks, and a killer ride. As well as high school chemistry and the word conception. All this and bike porn. Brilliant!

trifrog said...

Then my bike would have to be called Jaclyn ...