Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Short and Sweet

My training has been anything but short and sweet. As a matter of fact my workouts have been long and salty. This is my second week where I am scheduled for about twenty hours of workout time, which means closer to thirty hours devoted to training. Some crazy volume out there folks and my legs are feeling it. I am pretty sure I eclipsed the 20 mile mark somewhere on my weekend trail run. By the way, doing mile repeats has to be a creation of the devil; I was scheduled for 10 x 1 mile and somehow got through them. (And no my coach is not the devil; just some tough love from him.)

Since I have already signed up for an open water swim "race" and an Olympic Tri this weekend, my coach wants me to get in a 5 hour ride on Thursday or Friday. Uh, well he understands I have two papers due Friday at 17:00. So his advice is do as much as you can.

So thanks for all your thoughts about my bike and my knee issues steming from my biking. I think my knee pain was coming from my saddle tilt. But it only flared up twice on rides longer than 50 miles. I feel fine on my shorter rides. I got through 60 miles okay on Sunday. We'll see what happens on my next long ride.

As for the bike components, I have drafted a few posts about my bike. By the way, while democracy is a great thing, this corner of blogland is a monarchy. And I already have a nice older set of wheels that I use for racing.

And I finally got myself a tri specific wetsuit. I tried it out last night; I still don't feel fast, but the swimming did feel easier. Now if only I can get out of that damn thing without losing too much time or worse yet falling on my face in T1.

Time to start thinking about TG-51. (The link is a pdf file. Go there if technical reading helps your insomnia)

By the way, I got a kick out of the frozen furby. I was throwing some ice in my aunt's freezer and what do I see: a furby snickering back at me. Later my aunt told me that she thought that thing was too noisy so she put it in the freezer.

Have a happy hump day!!!


Kewl Nitrox said...

Long and salty is betta than short and sweet anytime. :)

Your god child is too cute!

Cliff said...


My knees flare up on rides too. I figure it is my seat either it is too high or too low.

Thanks for you and Steven's suggestion..yeah i think I am riding too low. Will get a bike fit with my LBS>

Chris said...

That is some impressive volume you've got going there!

Take care of those knees. Make sure they're nice and healthy come Sept!

trifrog said...

Good luck fitting that long ride in the next couple days. You could ride immediately after turning your paper in, finishing in cool nightfall. D@mn real life being inflexible again ;)