Monday, May 08, 2006

Surprising number

Ironically I have not been wearing my personal heart rate monitor the last few weeks. I can not use HR data to the fullest since I have not found my max HR for this year (for obvious reasons). Based on last year's numbers, I estimate my running max HR should be around 190 bpm while my biking max HR should be slightly above 180 bpm or so. I have been working out based on perceived exertion instead and not wearing my personal monitor. So this weekend I strapped it back on to compare HR with PRE.

So Saturday I just ran. Went back to my trails so I really don't know how many miles I did. But I was in the woods for 1 hour 20 ish and on an all-purpose trail for about 20 minutes before and after. My HR avg for the first 1:40 was 144 bpm. For the last 20 minutes I was trying to just run an easy pace while keeping the HR down in high zone 2. I figured I could do 8 minute pace, but I guess the HR climbed a little higher than I wanted it to at the end. The HR avg was 150 bpm, climbing to 152 bpm for the last mile.

Sunday I got on the bike. Real time was 3 hours. Riding time was closer to 2:45. I forgot to restart my watch after one of our stops. Bike computer said 50 miles at 17.9 avg. HR monitor said HR avg 132 bpm.

Went for a 3 mile transition run afterwards which was clocked at 23:01 with a HR avg of 155 bpm.

I expected te see those types of HR numbers for the run, but 132 bpm on the bike? Umm...dang...Well something doesn't seem to add up. Unfortunately I have finals this week and I don't have much time to think about this. If you folks out there care to analyze this for me, well please feel free to comment. If not well you can just comment on something else, like the Cleveland Cavs.

Have a great week.


DaisyDuc said...

I have never used a heart rate monitor so no help here. I am really considering buying one in the not-so-distant future and trying to figure out where I am. No clue really.

What happened? Must turn things around!! GO CAVS!!!!!

Cliff said...

I have never done Max HR. I train w/ Latec Thresholds.

On the run, the highest I saw was 191. I suspect my max is about 195. On the bike, no clue. I haven't long or hard enough to see how far I can spike up.

I do find my bike HR is much lower than my run HR given the same PRE.

Papa Louie said...

Hope your all your finals go well. Think of the rest you'll have from the books.

Pixie said...

I don't use a heart rate monitor so I am no help!! I like the Cavs, but GO MAVS!!! They have to beat those cry baby San Antonio Spurs. Geez.

Good luck on your finals!! I am praying for you.


Habeela said...

Good luck on the finals! I'm in the home stretch so I feel your pain!

Chris said...

That sounds about right? Or maybe it's a little lower. How did your RPE feel on the bike vs. the run? I think given the same RPE, HRs on the bike are generally 5-10 beats less than they are on foot?

rightonq said...

It's hard to comment on HR without knowing your perceived intensity. Outside of that it doesn't seem abnormal.

My HR on the bike is usually as high as on my run, but I think it's my intensity. Others that I know are usually lower as Chris says.

Based on your speed and HR, I run a little slower than you and bike a little faster. Similarly, my run HR would be higher than yours at your pace, but my bike HR would be similar or lower at your pace. There's so many factors that go into HR but I don't overanalyze, I just use it to guide my effort.

Good stuff!