Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Sorry folks, I have been really busy and it is going to get a lot worse real fast. I apologize in advance, but unless you want to hear about electron beams or linac calibrations, I probably will not be posting very much over the next month. I wasn't even planning on posting tonight, but hearing some sad biathlon news from around the world I figured I would at least type out a few quick thoughts from my head. And yes the time is 02:30.

Last Friday I had a follow-up with my cardiologist regarding an irregular heart beat I have been experiencing. I have passed every single test with flying colors so far. I still occasionally feel the irregularities, but have been told by several physicians that they are totally benign. I can either do nothing, or take a drug. Since I do not know how bad my allergies and asthma will be this spring, I chose not to take the beta-blockers. However the cardiologist has not given me the green light to train with no limits and even cast a doubt on doing an Ironman period. He ordered a 30 day heart monitor (argh) and would like to test me for a genetic syndrome called Brugada Syndrome. The last couple of days, I have had many thoughts swirl in my head from fear, to frustration, to damn-it-I-am-so-going-to-whoop-that-IM course determination.

Saturday, thanks to BuckeyeRunner, I was feeling rebellious and cranked out a 5 mile swim and 9 mile run. That was the best I have felt all year. My brain has yet to decide what I should think and how, or if, I should go ahead with my training. I have told my coach that I would like to continue, but without doing any high intensity workouts. Right now I know I can not give up this Ironman quest. Wil wrote something a few weeks ago that really hit the nail on the head for me:

"I mean, if I don’t show up one day, what’s the worst that can happen? If I don’t show up period, what’s the worst that can happen? I mean, I’d just lose my focus, abandon a goal, stop changing my life, let it settle, stagnate, fall into a rut, get fat, depressed, buy a bunch of copies of Vogue and Cosmo and In Style, watch the Olympics and dream of living driven …watch it all float away…yeah… not like my life depends on this ride every morning... nah"

This is who we are: we work, we train, we live, we love. I KNOW I am not ready to start reading Cosmo...


Eric said...

I can understand your turmoil and FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt). Let's keep that Ironman deram alive.

TriSaraTops said...

Hey...hang in there. I'm thinkin' about ya and hoping all is well. I'm with Eric--keep it going! Low intensity until they figure it all out though. Hope work settles down, too!

Cliff said...


There are times when i gone through how you feel. The hospital call me and tell me my liver number is out of whack two times last year.

First thought is...."no training?"..

Worst, is that there is nothing i can do. If i can change my diet, i would. Nothing..

As TriSaraTops said...keep it low intensity.

I don't read Cosmo (or read period)..i just stare at the pictures :D..

Cliff said...

doesn't everyone loves talking about electron beam? :) is better than me chatting about being chained 9-5 in the cubicle.....

Papa Louie said...

We can hope and pray the doctors have wisdom in dealing with this rare case. They say that Brugada syndrome and is hereditary. Have you checked out your family history on that condition? Take care.

Fe-lady said...

Look up "Athletic Heart Syndrome"- many fit people experience what you do. I know I set off the EKG machine when I had to get one pre-surgery! Make sure you mention to your physician and others that you are an athlete!

Fe-lady said...

Look up "Athletic Heart Syndrome"- many fit people experience what you do. I know I set off the EKG machine when I had to get one pre-surgery! Make sure you mention to your physician and others that you are an athlete!

Fe-lady said...

(sorry about the double comment...I don't know how in h-- that happened!) I guess I was getting a little impatient with my computer or something!

BuckeyeRunner said...

Sending positive vibes your way on the health front. I firmly believe that attitude, conditioning, and just plain WILL play a vital role in a lot of health issues. You undoubtedly are batting 1,000 in all of those categories.

I love the saying "fortune favors the bold." Continue being strong and bold.

ps - amazing swim and run in saturday!

qcmier said...

Thanks for your thoughts folks:

Cliff, I don't read either, but yeah I've heard the articles are pretty good. As for your job, at least Scott Adams turned 9-5 into a comic strip. Not sure how to turn electron beams into a comic.

Papa Louie, no one in my family has heart problems. Just me, the odd ball.

Fe-lady, I thought it might have been that too, but the EKGs have looked pretty darn good, except for the occasional benign PVCs (premature ventricular contractions).

Thanks eric, trisaratops, buckeyerunner. Just wish I could train "with no limits"

Wil said...

Hang in there, Alan, you'll totally get through this. I'll definitely be thinking about you ;)

Kewl Nitrox said...

Dear bro, you know who you are and what the Lord has made you to do. Follow your heart and PRAY PRAY PRAY.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things." Phil 4:6-8

In my mind the IM is indeed a noble and admirable mission.

Chris said...

Hey! Sorry it's taken me so long to get over here and post on your blog already, but thanks for sticking with me. I just need a little prodding sometimes. :)

In any case, I'm sorry to hear about your heart ailments. All things considered, I don't think there is anything wrong with lower intensity training, especially for Ironman. I mean really... if you could just chug along at 10 minute mile pace, you'd have a pretty darn good run split all things considered.

It's not about who's the fastest at IM... it's totally about who slows down the least! :)

Hope everything with your heart checks out ok.