Friday, August 25, 2006


Well my creative writing juices haven't been flowing recently, so I'll just give you a few random thoughts.

  1. I've gotten a few comments about my photogenic legs. I'm flattered. Two more words: Weight Room.
  2. Tuesday night I went back to Virigina Kendall for my run. These are some hilly trails with plenty of steps, roots, and rocks. But I felt compelled to run there for some inspiration. (Thanks to RootsRunner) I swear this will be my last trail run until after IM WI. Okay maybe one run on the Towpath.
  3. I've been having some problems with my race wheels. Apparently there is not enough space on the hub. So when the chain is in the smallest gear it hits the spokes. I've had these wheels for several years now and this problem just surfaced in July. I dropped the wheels off to the LBS to see what they can come up with. Hopefully I'll have them back in time for IM WI, but if not, my other wheel set ain't that shabby.
  4. It had to happen sometime. I got to the gym locker room tonight and immediately realized I did not have any goggles. The guard didn't have any in the lost & found, but I decided to swim anyways since this pool doesn't overdo it on the chlorine. Needless to say, I cut my swim down from 4800 to 2200 yds and I scrapped the 100s for 50s. It was pretty interesting swimming with your eyes mostly closed. I can do an okay job of swimming straight, I just need to line myself up in the right direction. Unfortunately my eyes are just a bit red now. I'll have to run the spellchecker a second time.
  5. I'll have some company on my long ride Saturday as a few of my Wednesday Night Ride crew will be riding too. My coach has set a date for the 2nd annual 200 mile ride. So a few folks will be ramping up for that. Just hope the weather cooperates.
  6. There was a pretty big chronological gap in my posts. I never posted my race recap from Musselman half IM. Even though the race did not go well for me, it was still an awesome trip. Hence the Frazz comic below. And this guy may remain an unsolved mystery.
  7. Okay last thing for today. I need some help filling up an iPod. So what are some tunes you folks jam to before a race? If I was really ambitious, I would compile a bunch of songs from you out there in blogland and burn a bunch of CDs for you. And the lurkers can play along too.
  8. Time for bed....


E-Speed said...

I can't wait till you are an Ironman, so you can come back to the track :) I haven't run splits like that night when you were there since :(

Cliff said...


200 miles ride...that sounds fun :)

As for tunes...have u listen to Ironmantalk podcast? They are pretty good. Entertaining and informative.

Been going through all the episodes for the past week.

Lloyd said...

Ah Kendall Lake...yes, we'll have to go for a trail run after you become an Ironman.

RunBubbaRun said...

I second, on the IRONMAN Talk Podcast. pretty good podcast.. Yeah, Almost time to rest a little bit before the big show... I think after this week we both deserve it.. You are going to do great.

triteacher said...

Hey, don't feel bad about the goggles; I have averaged 2 forgotten items per workout since taper started. I think it's all part and parcel of the little kick-back-it's-taper-voice in me. I loved the music today - are you a guitarist? I play. Not quite like Eric Johnson though. Also... I'm holding you to those 9 minute miles at IM now (just like you better keep me honest on my heart rate goals)! :) Hey, 2 more days and you're in taper too... are you savoring the thought of it?

Lisa said...

I've forgotten goggles on many occasions. Eventually, the burning goes away. :)

Thanks for the note on my blog, I am pre-dispositioned to loathe Fed-Ex. My father has worked for UPS for 35 years. :) But if you have complaints, I don't want to hear them! ;)

Can't wait to see you at the finishline at IMMoo!

Jodi said...

I love Virginia-Kendall. Now you may have inspired me to get my butt down there. It is so beautiful.

I listen to weird stuff on my Mp3 player. A little more mellow than most people like :)