Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Wingman (sequel to The Terminal)

So at the end of my last post, I was just leaving the hospital for the 1st annual interclub social. My Ironman sister called me the night before. She was not sure how many people she would know there and asked me to come along. I was noncommittal because I knew I would have a long day. But when the time came, I decided to go. It was a pretty good event with folks from lots of clubs: tri club, mountain bikers, runners, skiers, cyclists.

So my IM sister ends up coming with a friend of ours. I just wanted a few beers and some good conversation, but I should have known there was an additional agenda. So after a while the room gets scoped out and the targets narrowed down. A few more beers were consumed and the pool balls were starting to drop a little quicker. Finally my IM sister gets a lock on a guy and the four of us close the place down. It's probably 23:00. So what next? My co-wingman was planning to fly out to Colorado with her husband the next morning so she and I both hesitantly agree to head to another bar. We drive over to Pannini's. Closed. Now we head back to the Winking Lizard. Still open, all right. Let's get a beer and some grub. Unfortunately the kitchen is closed. Arggh. So we make do with liquid nutrition. We close that place down probably around 12:30 Saturday morning. Surprisingly I am still awake, but maybe I should call it a night soon. Well, no I can't since I left my car back at the first place. So where is my IM sister going to take her two wingmen next? She's amped up like she had just taken a double shot of gel.

Let's go dancing!!! We wind up at the Velvet Dog. The two wingman chill upstairs while the new happy couple cut a rug downstairs. Just one dance they said. Well, unfortunately they were stuck downstairs and were not allowed to return. So around 2:00, the tired wingmen were ready to split and find the rest of our party. I get back to my car somewhere around 2:30, but our new found friend was left behind by his wingman. Smooth. Anyways, I end up taking the guy back to his house since he was on my way. I don't know I probably got there around 3:00, got back to my place around 3:30. At this point I didn't really know what time it was. I didn't care either. I had been awake too long. Rehydrate. Brush teeth. Where is my bed? Indoor cycling in a few hours. Set alarm clock. ZZZZZzzzzz. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. Damn it, time to wake up already!!??


Kewl Nitrox said...

Sounds like a little too much fun! :)

Curly Su said...

you doing the indoor tri this weekend??

E-Speed said...

geez hope you got some sleep :)

TriSaraTops said...

Man! I missed one heck of a party!!!

Ahhhhh...the infamous "Volleyball Scene." That just never gets old.